We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

People with Complex Trauma typically suffer from Arrested Relational-Development due to a lack of supportive relationships in childhood. While we get hurt in a relationships, we also heal in relationships. I help create a safe environment to cultivate your own healing intelligence and guide you through proven modalities.

"Vincent held impeccable space for me! I decided to work with Vincent on subconscious patterns that were playing in my life, limiting my fullest potential. Coming with my questions and curiosity, Vincent explained in detail how our time together would progress and I felt he really heard my concerns; this helped me relax and be fully present. I was impressed with his ability to guide me in a calm quiet manner throughout our time together, providing meditations at appropriate times, periods of quiet reflection, and also his skill at directing my thoughts through coherent processes for healing. Afterward, he checked in with me and answered any questions I had. Things were shifting, and he helped me put things in context which facilitated long-term changes for me. I highly recommend working with Vincent. He's honest, kind, and knowledgeable: a 5-star experience that has had lasting changes in my life.​"

Tracy G.

Modalities I Use


Compassionate Active Listening

Helps unveil the hidden beliefs that shape our behaviors. When one feels witnessed with care and attention, unconscious patterns become conscious and can be dissolved.



Evidence-based approach that creates transparency into the complex aspects of recovery from Trauma. It allows clients to better approach their symptoms and the upheaval sometimes generated by the recovery process.


Mindfulness Parts Work

Specialized approach to treat the symptoms of dissociation and self-alienation, parts works help clients realize wholeness while also gaining self-awareness.


Mind-Body Practices

A key component in recovery from Trauma, mind-body practices support creating safety for oneself while integrating that traumatic events are past and releasing accumulated tension in the body.


Self Development

Self development is a lifelong process aimed at realizing that we are already whole and (re-)discovering who we are beyond the conditioning from formative events in our past.


Vulnerable Self-Disclosure

Understanding that they are not alone at the deepest most vulnerable part of our being. Clients start becoming more compassionate towards themselves and develop self-esteem and safety with others.


Interpersonal Healing

Allowing our deepest interpersonal fears to be understood in a safe relationship decreases the intensity of vulnerability and allows for more effective and safe communication with others.


Life Skills

Many childhood trauma survivors suffer from Arrested Relational-Development and want to learn new ways of being after recovering from learned helplessness.

Main Services


One-on-one Coaching

I meet with clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for one on one virtual (during the pandemic) coaching sessions where we develop a tailored and dynamic coaching modality that meet them where they are.


Healing Circles

I lead bi-weekly healing circles where survivors explore their healing, share about their journey and discover ways to remove obstacles to wholeness. These circles are a safe haven and an application process with motivational interview is required to participate.


Personal or Group Retreats

A retreat is a way of stepping back from the business of life to focus and integrate more deeply insights from the recovery process at the intersection of emotional, psychological and physical healing.


What Clients Are Saying

"Vincent comes to this practice from a place of deep empathy, compassion and experience. His holistic approach allows for deep healing, without feeling pressure or judgement. While working together in one-on-one sessions to overcome complex trauma, I went from being in a constant state of fear, anger and depression to a new internal state of compassion, empathy and understanding that began first with myself. Vincent also opened my eyes to the power of healing circles and how impactful having others to share in our experiences, both positive and negative, can be. If you’re ready to stop living in fear and isolation, and start your journey of healing and purpose, you owe it to yourself to contact Vincent."

Orin F.

“I was losing my mind. After 6 months of lockdown during the pandemic's peak, I was searching for connection and room to grow within a support group. Vincent invited me to join a men's group to help cultivate community, trust, and vulnerability. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was open to participating because I knew that Vincent was doing the hard work in his own life, which inspired me to join. Vincent introduced the ground rules during our first season and created a safe space to share without pressure. Since joining the group, I've developed deep relationships with other men on the journey of healing, self-discovery, and transformation.”

Kary Youman, Heart-Centered Facilitator

"I worked with Vincent after I developed severe depression. I had lost my dad and best friend within a few days of each other and was dealing with a divorce and severe back pain among other things. All of this added up to where I wanted to die everyday. I felt very comfortable with Vincent from the moment I met him and with his support and guidance I found the keys to my life and a way to find my center. I will say Vince truly has a gift to help people from all walks of life. I highly recommend working with Vincent."

Eugene W.

"I was referred to Vincent's coaching by my spiritual guide. My personal life was in shambles, and I needed to start the inner work of purification, finding a new path and deeper meaning while at this crossroad. Vincent was a devoted yet structured support, providing safety and care as I explored my own psyche. He helped me to stay grounded while acknowledging new levels of being in my current life situation. The work with Vincent helped me strengthen my intention and foster inner strength through meditation, buddhist practices and keen inner observation skills. After using his service as a coach we continued as close allies, sharing resources and guidance. I would recommend his services to anyone who seeks trustworthy compassionate guidance that will provide deeper shifts in personal development."

Elena V.