I’m Vincent Briere. I Help People on the Path to Recovery from Childhood Trauma.


I am a Trauma Recovery Coach based in Seattle, Washington. I help guide clients who have experienced Childhood Trauma and or are experiencing Complex Trauma symptoms to find their unique path towards Freedom and Self-expression.

I integrate the wisdom of a lived experience and weave in compassionate active listening, mindfulness based parts work and mind-body practices to help you break through the barriers to wholeness.

At the heart of my practice is the belief that everyone is already whole and that recovery is first and foremost about cultivating one’s inner healing intelligence: Just as the seed already has the knowledge to grow into the towering old tree it will become, we also have the knowledge and power to move towards wholeness and well-being.

Born in France in 1979, it took many years before I developed full-blown PTSD from a traumatic childhood. For close to 15 years after escaping the place where everything happened, I navigated the world blindly, first running away (an ocean and a continent away to be precise) from myself, not understanding my symptoms, and then more skillfully although still blindly in trying to better myself.

After finally learning of, and being diagnosed with Complex Trauma and through dense healing and awakening from the debilitating symptoms, I could not recognize myself. I vowed to be a partner to those who, like myself want to live and not survive.

Since 2019, my one-on-one coaching services, healing circles, and retreats help clients change the story of their lives and find transformation, empowerment, and healing.

I also work as technology executive and serve as board chair for Evergreen Treatment Services (ETS), a Seattle-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization transforming the lives of individuals and their communities through innovative and effective addiction and social services.