Weekly Online Meditation Group

🌸 Mettā May is just around the corner! 🌸

This year I am facilitating Mettā May with the Service Guild and Tasshin, a month focused on the daily practice of Mettā and the Brahmavihārās!

Tasshin has so many resources available to learn and practice Mettā, including the Saturday Night Mettā Squad. In addition, if you’d like to sit with people, a group of friends and myself host group meditations on Zoom Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays at 7:30am PT.

This is a pragmatic, peer-led group: anyone is welcome to join. Show up when you want, drop off anytime, low-pressure.

We may offer guiding instructions at times, usually upon request. These instructions typically take the form of a loving-kindness (mettā) meditation: we direct loving intention towards a friend, and attend to what arises in the body and mind as we cultivate that intention.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Sessions start a minute or two after the scheduled time, arriving late is fine, just mute your mic please.
  • If requested by participants, one of us will lead an introduction to practice. We most often sit without instruction/guidance in self directed contemplation.
  • The meditation is 25 minutes, unless otherwise specified on the calendar invitation.
  • The last 5 minutes are open for discussion.

Accessing the Schedule

You can receive the meditation calendar by registering below: